A certain age

Our Rare Beauty Resident Vivienne shares her thoughts on ageing, body confidence and why she is set on embracing her forties in style. 


“A certain age…a well used phrase

But what age exactly is ‘a certain age’. I am 47 and-a-half! And as I am getting older, I start to feel younger & have a more energised outlook on life. My friends vary in ages from early 30’s to mid 70’s… so to refer to a woman in the brackets of ‘a certain age’, well, I look around and don’t know who to pin that label to.

The menopause is looming, grey hairs have been appearing for some years now, a few pounds have gathered around our midriffs & we notice new wrinkles. These are the visible signs of ageing, which to a certain degree can be controlled with vitamins, hair dye, diet & anti-ageing creams.

The not-so visible signs of getting older are from the experience we gather as we live our lives.

Vivienne: ‘As I am getting older, I start to feel younger & have a more energised outlook on life’


I look over my shoulder at the 20-something women.

All bouncy in their stride, oozing confidence but with a naivety. I smile. I really wouldn’t want to turn the clock back. Sure, our exterior may not be what it once was as we step forward, but we trade that in for our spirit and pride for all we’ve accomplished. Never feel glum about getting older – it is the one certainty we have about ourselves.

We get older. Fact. To me, it’s like apologising for living a full, wonderful life. And why do that? Embrace every year as it goes by.

Why hide that you are ageing?

You have a past, you have tales and wisdom to share, or crazy fun secrets to hide! It is a wonderful feeling to know that being a ‘strong woman’ doesn’t just mean strength, but also that you have a vulnerability & transparency too.

To show you can be sad shows courage. And you learn that as you age gracefully.

Although, ageing gracefully is not for me.

I don’t intend to calm down any time soon and neither do my girlfriends. That dance floor has my name on it, and I will be on it wearing my brightest lipstick and showing my biggest smile.”

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What are your thoughts on ageing? Are you embracing it, scared of it or doing everything you can to hide it?! Let us know! 


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