Attention: calling all body beautiful brands!


Rare Beauty, the online marketplace for independent beauty brands is launching very soon! We are on the hunt for more body beautiful brands to represent on our natural beauty marketplace. We have a fabulous range of facial skincare coming together but we are still in need of body products – from lotions to natural bodywashes that we can showcase to our discerning customers who want to make ethical skincare choices.

Why do we want to represent body beautiful natural brands? Because they work!

Here at Rare Beauty Towers we have been SLS-free and exclusively natural in our bodycare routines for quite a while now. We have noticed a real difference – particularly this time of year – to our skin being less tight, dry and flaky.  Result!

Olive Oil – the main ingredient of castile soap

Our faves for the shower are any body products that use liquid castile soap as their main ingredient – an exclusively vegetable oil (usually olive) soap with added plant-based oils or essential oils depending on the blend you choose to buy.  It is silky, slightly foamy (look out for our next post about why lots of foam is NOT good for your skin!) and cleans beautifully leaving no greasy or sticky residue.

We also use body lotions or butters that are rich in plant-based ingredients such as cocoa/shea butters, almond/sunflower/olive oils and smell gorgeous with essential oils or herb-infused water. They are truly moisturising and able to penetrate the skin for long lasting silkiness. We find mass-market branded lotions use a much higher percentage of water, minimal to no natural ingredients and do not last long, leaving skin feeling parched just a few hours later. They sit on the skin rather than nourish it from within.

We also love love bath oils or gently foaming bubbles made with plant-based oils for a relaxing soak. These oils are so nourishing there is often no need for moisturising after – even after shaving!

Are you a body beautiful brand? We are looking for UK based beauty businesses


who adopt a truly ethical stance to their skincare manufacturing such as being totally cruelty-free with eco-friendly packaging and using the highest quality natural ingredients they can ethically source.

In return, we offer a genuine opportunity to small or start-up beauty brands to reach a larger online audience and promise to support them with exclusive product reviews from our Rare Beauty Residents (more on that story later!)

Please get in touch [email protected] if you would like to talk to us about your body beautiful brand!



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