‘Bio-Active Superfood Skincare’
Founded by Alexandra Paulino
Handmade in Surrey, South East England

Alexandra's story

“I have always been very interested in aromatherapy and natural skincare. I qualified as an Aesthetician and worked with well-known brands as a Skincare Specialist. Then in 2000 I was diagnosed with psoriasis; I found it very hard to find anything suitable for my skin that was effective and wasn’t filled with countless chemicals. So I decided to change my overall health outlook, including changing my own skincare regime to a chemical free one.

I began to study which ingredients performed the best and started to make products for myself using essential oils and plant oils amongst other natural ingredients. I saw a great improvement in my skin and I successfully managed to eradicate psoriasis from my face, neck, arms and feet.

I was inspired to train in skincare product development and started formulating a skincare range which became Alexa Sky Botanicals which I now run with my daughter. I want to share my secrets of how to look and feel good naturally because we all deserve healthy, happy skin.”


Our mission as a beauty brand

We are proud to bring wellness and beauty through our age defying skincare products that are natural and highly effective. We formulate products using organic plant and flower oils, aromatic waters, herbs, clays and active botanical extracts.

All our beauty products are charged with gemstones not just to reinforce their beauty properties but also to support you on your path to wellness, healing and a more positive self-image.

Our bio-active superfood skincare products are handmade in Surrey with passion, love and attention to detail.

All products have been developed for those with skin sensitivities in mind such as: psoriasis and eczema. The gentleness and efficacy of our ingredients provide amazing results and cumulative health benefits for people with all skin types.

We carefully select sustainably grown ingredients from organic farmers, family run businesses and local communities from all over the world.

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