‘Traditional alchemy meets aromatherapy’
Founded by Marie Hall
Handmade in West Cornwall

Marie's story

“Essential oils, herbal extracts, organic base oils are the lifeblood of Bloom and these amazing gifts from nature are the secret force behind the brand I have created. I am an accredited aromatherapist and member of IFPA with a diploma in Essential Oil Science; I have a beating heart full of intuitive passion; and I’m a fully fledged mama to three goddesses in the making.

I have a lifelong love of essential oils and have used them for daily mental clarity and for skin nourishment since I was a teen. I started the business in 2012 from my kitchen table and have been delighted to witness Bloom expanding rapidly to it’s present set up which includes my husband by my side, a growing staff team, a proper ‘work’ unit, 14 national beauty awards and a growing collection of high profile clients in the luxury hotel industry.”


Our mission as a beauty brand

To provide affordable skincare products that are infused with the healing power of essential oils, and to make these kind of products more readily available.

As small batch producers, using high quality botanical ingredients, we have a unique and close connection to our end product, and we constantly monitor the raw materials that we use. This quality process, combined with the mindful and soulful way in which the products are created gives us an intuitive edge. Our products really do vibrate and resonate at a level deeper than most.

But we couldn’t create without celebrating and thanking all that Mother Earth has given us, for without Her we would not be able to Bloom.  We thank her by minimising our impact, and always treading lightly:

Buying organically whenever possible

Recycling and reusing wherever possible

Avoiding all use of over-harvested or environmentally damaging species (e.g sandalwood mysore, and palm oil)

– Testing our final formulations on humans and sourcing ingredients that are certifiably from cruelty free origins

To fully allow our ranges to help you to Bloom we believe we must infuse and create with a passion and a belief in the healing power of nature. Our unique ranges must focus on wellbeing as much as they focus on their efficiency to nourish the skin.  We must nurture the soul.  We must encourage the ritual of self care. We must constantly remind ourselves of the healing ability of nature therapy. We must do all this and more to allow each individual to fully Bloom xx