BUFF Natural Bodycare Rare Beauty

‘Enhancing Everyday Rituals’
Founded by Jo Woolvett
Handmade in Ashburton, Devon

Jo's story

I Founded BUFF in 2015 to offer beautifully fragranced, 100% natural body care products, in plastic free packaging. I have been a sea lover since early childhood & BUFF reflects this in the products themselves, its nautical branding and our support of the Marine Conservation Society & Surfers Against Sewage.

The idea of BUFF really began over 20 years ago, inspired by Liberty’s Apothecary, London. What an olfactory delight! One day in the future I was going to create a range of natural fragrances to improve our mood, release tension, balance & nourish our bodies and minds!

My journey began as a Classical Singing student in which Aromatherapy & Massage were an important part of caring for my voice and wellbeing. I worked as a Secondary School Teacher for many years, whilst continuing to perform and used my weekends to retrain as a Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist.

I love my work as a practicing Aromatherapist & Massage Therapist and am very proud of BUFF’s capsule fragrances UP (uplifting), BODY (muscle rejuvenating & detoxifying), NUIT (warming & relaxing), NAKED (exotic & sensual) & MAMA (gentle & nurturing) and the products themselves.

Jo Woolvett, Founder of BUFF Natural Bodycare
Buff UP Sea Salt Body Scrub

Our mission as a beauty brand

BUFF’s love of and respect for the sea is incredibly important to us as a brand. In fact, our little company began back to front, ensuring we consciously sourced plastic free packaging before creating the products.

Our products are packaged 99% – 100 % Plastic Free:

• We use glass jars and bottles
• Our amber jars & 30% recycled aluminium lids & caps are British made.
• Our lids contain cardboard inserts
• We use easy peel polypropylene labels which can be put in your plastic recycling (a ‘Conscious Compromise’ after 14 months of thorough research we concluded this better than vinyl, varnished or plastic coated paper labels that couldn’t be recycled. We continue to search for biodegradable oil/water proof label solutions).
• We use uncoated paper (fully biodegradable) labels for our candles & BUFF KID
• Online retail orders are posted in 100 % Non plastic packaging
• We negotiate with our suppliers to ensure the resources we use arrive in as little plastic as possible.
• All plastic packaging we receive is reused as packaging for wholesale orders & we request that our customers do the same.

BUFF donates to the Marine Conservation Society  &  Surfers Against Sewage