‘Exceptional Hygiene. Period.’
Founded by Frances Lucraft

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Fran's story

“I founded Grace & Green to challenge the status quo of the ‘feminine hygiene’ industry. The industry is currently full of unregulated big corporate brands, unethical and unsustainable practices. I wanted to develop a thoughtfully designed, innovative premium hygiene brand as a much needed antidote.

During the research phase, I found many products to be both alarmingly detrimental not only to the planet, but also to women’s health. For example, in 2016, a jury in Missouri awarded around $72M to the family of Jacqueline Fox, who sadly died of ovarian cancer at the age of 62.  The lawyers for Fox’s family brought this civil suit against product giant Johnson & Johnson, stating that Fox used their baby powder as a feminine hygiene product. Her lawyers alleged that these products were the cause of her cancer. The jury agreed, holding Johnson & Johnson liable for counts of fraud, negligence and conspiracy.

This case serves as a stark reminder of just how disconnected we can be from what we’re putting in – and on – our bodies. How many of us know what exactly is in the hygiene products that line bathroom cabinets? How many of us have used baby powder without thought? 

I launched Grace & Green in January 2019 after three years of very intense, behind-the-scenes work. My passion was to work with better materials, improved manufacturing processes, and an evolved style. The Grace & Green product collection has brought this ethos to life using pioneering design and innovative manufacturing, as well as the highest quality, 100% certified organic and ethically sourced ingredients.

The result is a collection that is both kind to bodies, and respectful to the planet, but also transparent and authentic to you, our lovely consumers.”

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Frances Lucraft Founder of Grace & Green

Our mission

Grace & Green is a premium hygiene brand, crafting exceptional period products. Our
products and ethos is defined by honesty and provenance; of high performance and
protection; non-toxic and naturally effective – where science meets nature. The Grace &
Green biodegradable collection has been intelligently engineered using 100% certified
organic cotton – protecting your body and looking after the planet. Exceptional products
that truly deliver. No compromise.

Transparency and authenticity sit at the core of Grace & Green. We list our
ingredients on pack. We educate our consumers of the importance of origin and
provenance. We craft hygiene products with a greater truth. We’re committed to
providing the healthiest products for your body, while being kind to the environment
and committed to tackling period poverty.

Unlike other brands, our products cores are made using certified organic cotton,
rather than just a top cover. We don’t compromise on cheaper materials or

All our products our non-toxic and naturally effective. We offer a special security
veil on the tampons, to prevent fibres coming off in the vaginal wall – which is by
far the healthiest and safest option for woman.

We source with care: prioritising the highest-grade natural ingredients from ethical
production farms; and recycled and renewable packaging.

We practise responsible manufacturing: protecting the environment and the people
we work with. Our manufacturing is amongst the best in the world, using renewable energy.