‘Happi Body, Happi Planet’
Founded by Lisa Kenton
Handmade in Lake District, Cumbria 

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Lisa's story

“I’m an organic skincare formulator based in the Lake District. My mission is to be a change maker in the natural beauty industry. In a plastic ridden world, my commitment to the use of sustainable packaging is helping to address the problem of plastic pollution that blights the current beauty industry.

With the knowledge to create luxurious natural skincare that doesn’t cost the earth, I’m driven by the desire to disrupt the status quo and bring something innovative to the natural beauty market.

Travelling through the Lake District every day, I have always been in awe of the beautiful, unspoilt landscape, I never take it for granted. As a parent I identified a concerning beauty industry trend for using non-sustainable containers that directly contributes to the growing plastic problem we find in our rivers, oceans and hedgerows across the planet. I couldn’t find any beauty brands that met my standards, so I decided to create my own.”

Founder of Happi Body Co

Our mission as a beauty brand

Happi Body Co is founded on 3 core values: clean ingredients, clean packaging, clean motives.

Clean ingredients:

Our plant based skincare is lovingly mixed in small batches to ensure ultimate freshness and to tread lightly and respectfully with the planet’s natural resources.

Clean packaging:

We are the only brand in the UK to use the world’s first premium mass producible biodegradable containers from SulapacWe are proud to be world leading early adopters.

Clean motives:

We pay exacting attention to all the stages involved in the design and development of our products, from ingredient selection to final packaging. 

We strongly believe in being the change we want to see in the beauty industry. As such we actively reject an anti-aging narrative and instead seek to promote a sense of wellbeing. We want you to have healthy, glowing skin but we don’t want to make you feel bad about yourself in order to buy our products. 

We know that to feel good is to function well.