‘Living naturally, handmade with love’
Founded by Emmy & Laz
Handmade in Neath, Wales


Emmy & Laz’s story

“As a husband and wife team, living naturally is very important to us. Cooking from fresh vegetables from the local market, cleaning our living space with less chemicals, up-cycling furniture, using green energy, recycling our waste and looking after nature in our garden. We originally formulated our products for family members who have particular skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Preparing and sharing natural cosmetics was always a great dream of ours.

In December 2016, just before Christmas we took a deep breath and started our skincare business while still working full time jobs. Since then we try to do our best to create wonderful products, images and serve our customers in the best way possible. And nevertheless we are working on our dream to dedicate ourselves only to Magical Tree.”


Our mission as a beauty brand

Our goal is to give people the opportunity of healthy skin care with our heavenly range of body butters which are easy to apply and yet truly nourish skin, leaving it delightful and smooth.

We are passionate about our unique butter formulas and have created a luxurious way to nourish skin and improve wellbeing with our uplifting scent blends. Handmade with love, our butters contain ethically sourced natural and organic ingredients with minimal packaging which can be recycled.

We formulate our products with 100% natural ingredients as we believe that nature can provide us with everything we need.