Oilixia Potent & Precious Skincare

‘Potent & Precious Skincare’
Founded by Alexandra Jansons
Globally sourced, small-batch made in the UK


Alexandra's Story

“Oilixia is inspired by my inherent wanderlust – I’ve explored over 50 countries and have created a tribute to the wonderful local ingredients I discovered on my travels.

I learned the value of powerful natural ingredients and was inspired to do something with that knowledge. These oils and extracts are treasured by indigenous cultures for their potency and beauty-enhancing benefits.

The most fascinating observation I made was that time and time again, women tend to use native ingredients and local knowledge to inform their beauty and wellbeing treatments.

The result of my knowledge and passion is Oilixia, a British-based small batch producer of globally-sourced natural ingredients with specific beauty benefits.

The nut and seed oils present in my creations are cold-pressed to preserve their potency. I’ve chosen oils that are rich in antioxidants which means that they can be included without the use of artificial preservatives.

And as I’m always dreaming about the next adventure, all products are featured in packaging under 100ml so they can go wherever life takes you.”

Oilixia Product Range Rare Beauty

Our mission as a beauty brand

Oilixia is a natural beauty brand that celebrates rare botanical oils and extracts sourced from across the globe.

Our products are made from 100% natural or naturally derived ingredients globally
sourced for results your skin will love. We use potent ingredients which are unique and
not widely available, including; retinol-rich Cacay oil and Kakadu Plum, one of the best
natural sources of antioxidant vitamin C.

Our product textures are unique – from our transformative gummy cleanser which
glides gently over skin, to our silky smooth facial oils with ultra-lightweight texture that
absorbs instantly, leaving beautiful, healthy glowing skin.

We choose to work with local suppliers to source our star ingredients, which supports
their community and the local environment.

Our final product is manufactured in the UK to ensure our quality control remains of
the highest standard for every single product.

All of our products are under 100ml so they are travel-friendly, allowing you to enjoy
exploring the world with your must have travel companions!