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Did you know that all CEO's of the Top Eight most Powerful Global Beauty Businesses are Male?

And women make up just 29% of Senior Leadership positions in the mainstream Beauty Industry. But we have joined a New Crowd, and it’s a Fierce Female one….

We happen to believe that Women understand Women and that Women Empower Women. Which is why Corinne, our Founder, has chosen to exclusively showcase Female Skincare Entrepreneurs who have Founded their own British Beauty Brands on Rare Beauty.

These Women:

Create Natural & Organic skincare products with love, care, skill and attention. Their products are often created by hand, in small batches, to ensure the highest possible quality.

Care about their impact on the world. They invest in sustainable sourcing, ethical packaging and production methods.

Have a personal story to share about how they Founded their businesses and what their passions are.

Champion a kind approach to beauty, one that works with our skin not against it, and embraces our imperfections because it makes us who we are.

Are the Skincare change-makers, innovators and Beauty Industry leaders of tomorrow.  By buying their products you are enabling this change to happen for the better.

We hope you enjoy getting to know them, their Founder stories and their effective, high-performance skincare as much as we have.

And you can be safe in the knowledge that the Rare Beauty team and our trusted Resident Skincare Reviewers have done the hard work in testing, reviewing and vetting their products so that they always meet our strict Ethical Standards.

Want to join us as a brand partner?

Are you a women-led natural beauty brand? Then we want to hear from you! Our online store is growing very fast and we are looking for new brands to showcase this year.

We are particularly interested in hearing from brands which are certified organic or who have innovative natural bodycare, haircare and zero-waste products (such as soaps) to offer. Please get in touch with us: [email protected] to share your story.