Pure Savvy on Rare Beauty

‘No fuss, no ritual, just beautiful, glowing skin’ 
Founded by Steph Kelby 
Made in the UK 

Steph's story

“It could be that you want great skin but you’re struggling to find the time to commit to a full-blown skincare ritual, it could be that the products you currently use take far too long or, it could just be that you want skincare products that deliver results yet are fast and efficient.

Well, that’s exactly where I come in! I’m Steph Kelby, the founder of Pure Savvy and a former corporate workaholic who has long battled with the alien concept of ‘me time’, I just didn’t have time for it!

I’m not the most patient of people at the best of times and wanted fast, efficient products that delivered instant results. Surely that couldn’t be asking too much?

Well, it certainly seemed that way and so I spent four years formulating skincare products trying to find the most effective, high-performance, natural ingredients in order to develop a skincare range that is fast, yet efficient.”

Steph Kelby Founder of Pure Savvy
Pure Savvy Time Saving Skincare Brand Mission

Our mission as a beauty brand

We are unconventional and like to do things differently.  We rebel against complicated, time-consuming skincare regimes and created our range for women who want great skin but who just don’t have the time for a complicated skincare routine. Think minimum effort, maximum results. Multi-purpose skincare because less really is more.

We believe that harnessing the unique power of natural ingredients creates formidable skincare and we pride ourselves on using innovative and highly potent ingredients, with each ingredient there for a reason.

We believe every woman is powerful, unique, courageous, tenacious and brave and is masterful at doing so much with such little time and we believe that we deserve to spend more time with the people we love, doing the things that we love.

We understand what its like to be busy, so we create high-performance skincare that delivers results in an instant.