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‘Luxury skincare that cares for your skin’ 
Founded by Jenny Cupido
Handmade in Surrey, England 

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Jenny's story

“My passion for organic skincare grew out of my own personal journey to find a way back to
health after being diagnosed with a hypothyroid and searching for natural remedies for my
son’s eczema.

As I researched into my skincare needs I discovered that oil was the key to healing the
skin as it produces its own oil, sebum, to protect, nourish and repair itself.

After successfully restoring my dry, sensitive and prematurely ageing skin and healing my son’s
eczema with only natural and organic ingredients, Supernatural Beauty was born.”

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Our mission as a beauty brand

We are here for the Supernatural Beauties, the smart women with a growing concern
for their skincare ingredients looking for the organic answer. 

We are passionate about creating effective, luxury organics with truth and transparency. We believe there should be no compromise for beauty and so we use only natural and organic
ingredients for supernatural results with no nasties or hidden ingredients

Within a year of our launch, in August 2015, we were been shortlisted for Best Cleanser by
Indie Beauty Expo, received the Beauty Editor’s Shortlist Award for our Redemption Face Oil and launched into a coveted organic boutique store in Marylebone.

We’re thankful for the most amazing testimonies of skincare transformations and the
astounding reaction to how soft, plump and smooth your skin feels after just a few days of use from our products – and let’s not forget the infamous “glow” that we can’t stop hearing about!