Essential Oils to Nourish Skin and Nurture Soul


How do essential oils really work in skincare? 

Marie Hall, Aromatherapist and Founder of Bloom Remedies shares her magical mood enhancing skincare insights.




A potent life force

Essential oils are the purest potent life force and energy of a plant. They are the distilled concentrated matter that keeps the plant pure, helps it to resist disease and allows it to thrive by communicating with insects.

Magical mood-enhancing skincare

Aromatherapy in skincare is more than just a treat for the skin, it provides us with an inhaling ritual to soothe away stresses, improve mood and encourage feelings of wellbeing.

Through the power of smell, essential oils are taken through the nose and olfactory nerve to the most primitive part of the brain – the amygdala, and there they work their magic on mood.

Numerous clinical and lab studies show decreased cortisol and stress hormone levels in subjects who are given soothing essential oils to inhale.

Floral Favourites

The best oils that work for both skin and mood are often floral based. They can be expensive to buy as countless blooms are needed to distil a tiny amount of their magic elixir.


Neroli is the blossom from the bitter orange tree – sweet and beautiful.

It is a skin balancer, great for calming overactive skin and encouraging sebum production in underactive dry skin or mature skin.  It partners beautifully with Jojoba as a base oil – also a balancing oil.

For moods it’s great for uplifting low feelings of anxiety and also calming agitation.  In a face oil its perfect to cup in the hands and inhale for a moment of quiet reflection and meditation before applying to the face.



Rose is nourishing, soothing and compassionate.

Used for centuries to help soothe redness in skin (great for Rosacea and inflammation) and also to treat mature skin to nourish the first signs of aging.  I also think that with the first signs of aging come a need for self acceptance and self love – which Rose gently encourages on so many levels.

This essential oil is a gentle mood settler, with a compassionate regard for healing and emotional injury.  It is a best friend who understands you, warmly enveloping you in their loving embrace.

I use these amazing gifts from nature (and other essential oils) in my skincare creations, they really are the lifeblood of Bloom Remedies.

Which essential oils have you used in your skincare that you find beautiful to inhale, and could no longer live without? 

Which essential oils have you found to lift your mood and lighten your mind?


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