How to be Skin Kind

Rachael shares her sensitive skincare tips for fellow sufferers this Summer.

The Founder of Myroo, the UK’s first free from skincare brand accredited by the Vegan Society and Cruelty-Free International, Rachael is a sensitive skin expert.


1) Patch test, patch test, patch test.

When your new product arrives in the post it’s so tempting to dive straight in and slather it on. If you have sensitive skin or commonly react to skincare products then we really recommend that you try and restrain yourself. Apply a small amount in the inside of your wrist or behind your ear, Leave it for 24 hours and monitor for irritation, soreness, redness or any other signs that your skin is unhappy. If you see no problems after the 24 hours then dive in!

Watch Lynda,  Rare Beauty Resident, review and test our fragrance free Skin Boost Serum on her hand…(we have since re-branded!)

2) Know your ingredients

Learning to read a cosmetics label isn’t easy, but it’s well worth a bit of time and effort. If you are prone to flare ups then products with shorter ingredients listings are a great idea, there’s a much better chance of finding your trigger if you do react.

Myroo products all have less than 12 ingredients, so a good place to start and we’re always happy to help with label advice. The spikey little Safflower (or Carthamus tinctorius in latin) is a key ingredient in our Gentle Cleanser & Cloth as it is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory yet extremely gentle on sensitive skin.

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3) Stay cool, but not too cool!

Avoiding extremes of temperature is wise for sensitive and problem skin types. Warm water is best, avoid very hot or very cold showers and baths. SPF and a sun hat are your friends when the warmer weather appears.

During colder weather protect your skin with a great nourishing product, like our Superfood Balm.

Consider a soothing plant-based after sun product – Aloe Vera is very cooling for example. For those workout warriors who like to have fun in the sun, try our skin repairing OM Oil, a potent blend of Safflower, Rosehip and Jojoba to nourish tired skin. Use in the shower, bath or as a body oil straight after a workout.

Myroo OM Oil – Post Exercise Bath, Body & Massage Oil
Myroo OM Oil – Post Exercise Bath, Body & Massage Oil, 85ml, ON SALE NOW £19.20 (rrp £24.00)

4) Put your barrier up

Sensitive skin often has a compromised barrier function. Help boost yours by keeping skin moisturised and nourished. Using our Skin Boost Serum twice a day will replenish, soothe and support your barrier.

All our products come in two versions – a naturally fragranced or fragrance free option.


Myroo Skin Boost Facial Serum Fragrance Free
Myroo Skin Boost Facial Serum Fragrance Free, 30ml, ON SALE £24.00 (rrp £30.00)

5) Expand your horizons

Skincare is a really important part of managing skin conditions but it’s not the only aspect. Looking at your wider lifestyle can also help with controlling any problems.

Good diet, sleep, exercise and plenty of water combined with wonderful, natural skincare are the first steps to balanced skin.

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