Our fabulous launch brands

In a matter of weeks we will be proudly showcasing a carefully chosen selection of natural and organic skincare products on our new marketplace from our eight launch brands. From luxurious face oils to nourishing body butters and gentle shampoos – we will have a capsule range to suit everyone’s skin type and budget.

Wondering if it’s worth making the switch from your usual skincare? Here’s 5 key facts about our brands and new marketplace which may help:

  1. All products are cruelty-free, guaranteed

It is surprisingly difficult to find out a brand’s cruelty-free status these days and with large-scale corporations involved sometimes downright impossible. Our brands are all 100% cruelty-free and can prove it as they have total control of their supply chains. None of them sell in China and all have strong ethical values which they are fiercely proud of. You will find no greenwashing going on with our brands!

2. Every single product is honestly reviewed by a real woman

Trusted skincare recommendations are important, we get that. Especially in a marketplace where you can feel bombarded with choices. Which is why we have a collective of Residents who have spent the past few months moisturising, cleansing, masking and bathing in the name of Rare Beauty! Our Residents have been carefully selected to provide you with honest, authentic (and sometimes downright funny) reviews so that you can get a feel for what each product does and whether it meets your needs.

3. The environment is in all our hearts – not an afterthought

This is a biggie. It is so so important, we all know what the future holds if we don’t take more care and it ain’t pretty. The products we showcase have been assessed for their eco-credentials and you will find our brands use packaging which is 90% glass or other recyclable materials. Our shipping packaging is all 100% recyclable and our boxes are pre-loved, made of recycled materials and can be recycled yet again. Our labels, postcards and any other goodies in your packages will be recyclable – even the packing tape!

4. Keep calm and buy British

There was no reason to look any further than our own gorgeous country for the beauty brands we wanted to show off. From the dramatic Cornwall coastlines to the leafy suburbs of Surrey we have sourced the best, artisan products we could find, made with love from skincare professionals right here in Britain, often with locally sourced or wildcrafted organic ingredients.

5. Every time you shop with us a small business owner will do a happy dance

Get a personal thank you and a high five last time you bought something in Boots?! Well, you will get one from us when you buy from one of our Rare Beauty brands. We humans like to buy from humans, right? Particularly in this faceless, social media led world we now live in. You will get to know the women behind the brands, discover their stories and then feel the difference on your skin – from all the love, care, attention and expertise they have put into creating your unique products. We are stopping at nothing less than a UK-wide movement, away from mass market beauty-violence and towards a more loving, nurturing and human approach to looking after our skin.

Please do join us! The marketplace is opening very soon….



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