Busting the Soap Myths

Soap in BathtubConsidering switching to soap but worried about the affect on your skin? You are not alone in being unsure. Here’s what our Resident reviewers thought when we set them a ‘Soap Challenge’ for Plastic Free July:

I had my reservations, as I have experienced the dryness you get after using one.” Vivienne

“I couldn’t help but think back to when I was a little girl and my mum used to wash me and my siblings with soap leaving us with that dry, squeaky clean feeling.” Karen

“My main memory of using soaps to wash with is overwhelming dryness” Helen

Soap Folk Handmade Soap Box

So, we teamed up with Soap Folk to send them these gorgeous parcels of certified organic, palm-oil free, handmade soaps.

A veritable treasure-trove of soap. Enough to last a good few weeks of showers, baths and everything in between.

So, what was their verdict? Let’s check out the Top Four Soap Myths and their responses:

Myth One: Natural soap drys your skin outsoap folk soaps unwrapped

Oh the dryness, thankfully natural soap has come on a looong way since your mum whipped out the Pears at bathtime (which would have been chock full of SLS-style detergents that can dry skin out):

Vivienne: “I decided to do a test: I washed my face with the Juniper Berry soap and didn’t moisturise my skin afterwards. I wanted to see how long it would take for my face to feel tight, or parched. Well, it didn’t feel either of those things, or even tight. I tried it on my legs which are prone to dryness and got the same result. Wow!” 

Siobhan: “These soaps are so gentle on your skin. Skin feels soft, clean and moisturised.”

Helen: “The Milk & Honey soap left my skin feeling soft and not stripped of all its moisture. It was delicate enough to use on my little boy as well”

Myth Two: Natural Soap doesn’t clean properly or lather well

Soap Challenge Siobhan Vegan Babe Life

This one has been a real revelation of freshness to our reviewers:

Karen: “I was immediately impressed with how well the Lavender & Oatmilk soap lathered up on my skin, meaning I didn’t have to use a lot to cover my whole body with suds”

Amy: “A little product is all that’s needed yet they lather really easily.”

Helen: “It lathered up beautifully and definitely achieved its primary function of removing the dirt

Myth Three: Natural Soap smells..err…funny

Hmmmm….Not when they are infused with natural Essential Oils and perfectly blended fragrance combinations:

Amy: “The Peppermint soap smells so fresh and natural. That’s one of the most important things for me, is that a scent doesn’t smell artificial.”

Hannah: “This soap is so fragrant that I could smell the gorgeous rose scent all the way through the box before I’d even opened it!”

Helen: “The scent was delicious, but not overpowering.”

Vivienne “The scent is just right, not overpowering and you feel cleansed after using it.”

Myth Four: Natural Soap is old-fashioned

soap Folk range

Our ethically conscious Eco-Goddesses in the making beg to differ on this one!

Siobhan aged 28: “I highly recommend these gorgeous soaps which are a great eco choice. Instead of using throw away bottles of shower gel these do the job just as well, perhaps even better. The bars are big and will last you a long time and are perfect for the entire family. They would also make lovely gifts.”

Helen aged 36: “What I also love is the absolute minimum of packaging that the soap came with — just a paper wrapper, which is easily recycled, and not a scrap of plastic in sight. This soap therefore ticks both my beauty needs and my eco needs, and I will most definitely be buying another bar — I’ve got my eye on the lavender and peppermint scents next.”

Hannah aged 27: “I’ve been using it every day and I just love it – it’s a new favourite of mine and I will definitely be buying it in regularly from now on.”

Vivienne aged 47:What more can I say – try them! I know I will be buying their Rose Geranium and Lemon and Bergamot!”

So there you have it,  the soap myths are well and truly busted.

Don’t delay, check out the full soap range in store today where you can read our Resident reviews for every product and switch to soap this year!

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