Our Residents

Who do you trust to recommend beauty products?

Rare Beauty understands how challenging it can be to find the right skincare products for you – for your skin type, your lifestyle and your ethics.

This is why we have recruited a most fantastic collective of real women to go on their own natural beauty journey and become your trusted beauty reviewers. Our Residents trial and review every single product featured in our store. Phew, that’s a lot of bathroom shelf space needed! Their open, honest and authentic reviews are featured alongside our natural beauty product descriptions to help you decide which are best for you.

So, who are these wonderful Residents? In short, they are women. They are mothers, wives, colleagues, triathletes, vegans, fashionistas, bloggers, nutritionists, beauty therapists and students. To us, they represent real beauty because real beauty is not airbrushed perfection it is real women, telling real stories about their real lives.

They are not paid for their time or opinions and we encourage them to be brutally honest about the products they try. Many of them had not tried genuine natural beauty products before, like Vivienne, 47 from London:

VBRare Beauty main photo

“I’ve been surprised by the feel of the products. I thought I wouldn’t notice the difference between high-end high street purchases and the products I am trying out…but there IS a difference. A good one. I feel wholesome!”

We hope you enjoy reading (or watching!) their reviews as much as we have and that they help you navigate the minefield that can be choosing your perfect beauty product match!

We will be launching a Facebook group very soon where you can chat to our Residents and find out more about their experiences with the products but for now please do get to know them via their social feeds which you can find in their biography pages.

Want to become a Resident?

Are you a socially-connected lady with a passion for natural skincare or are you a bit sceptical and want to find out what all the fuss it about? Then we want to hear from you! Our online store is growing very fast and we will be looking for new Residents to recruit this year.

We are particularly interested in hearing from women in their 30’s or who are 50+. Please get in touch with us: hello@rare-beauty.co.uk to share your story.