Claire Stone


Age 43, Lives in Bristol

Skin type: Sensitive and Mature

Role in life: I am a Nutritional Therapist, and I also own – a company helping people enjoy the great outdoors with a nice cuppa. I’m also mum to two wonderful girls; actually this is probably my most important role of all.

A little bit about you:

I’m passionate about the outdoors – I get a little crazy if I don’t get outside every single day. This year, I’ve found the perfect excuse to go for a walk every day, no matter what the weather. My New Year Resolution for 2018 was to do a litter pick every single day for the whole year – not only do I get to indulge my inner eco-warrior, I also get to head outside no matter what the weather.

One of the things I value most in life is kindness: so while I’m a vegetarian, the last thing I would do is try to force someone to think, or eat, like I do. I’ll live my life in my way, with as much fun and laughter as I can, and it’s important that you get to live your life in your own way.

One of the ways that is important to me is to reduce the amount of waste that we humans produce which is why I’m so keen to be part of Rare Beauty. I love all that it stands for, and am excited to be helping bring natural and ethical skincare to more people.

claire looking through oranges copy

Your skin and body issues:

My skin can get a bit dry. I had really ferocious stretchmarks all over my legs and body as a teenager which massively affected my self-confidence. They’ve now faded quite a bit, and you’d never know that I spent a long time hating myself for having them – I now see them as being just a part of me.

I rarely get spots and I’m definitely starting to get a bit wrinkly!

How has your Rare Beauty journey been so far?

Being part of the Rare Beauty world is ace. I have no desire to get rid of my wrinkles, or change the colour of my going-grey hair – all partly due to the fact that I could never manage to keep up with all that kind of stuff! But even though I don’t want to change who I am, I do care about what I put on my skin and want to look after myself in a ‘slightly lazy but still want to look my best’ kind of way.

It’s been wonderful to try out so many products which are aiming to look after my skin in a kind and gentle way. Being able to share these brilliant products with other people who want to support small, independent beauty brands and reduce their impact on the world is really exciting!

claire and kids shadows
claire laughing presentation

What does being a woman mean for you in 2018 (the Centenary Year)?

Being a woman is all about enjoying life in a way that feels good to me. And it’s about helping my daughters realise that while they can be and do what they want when they grow up, they also have a responsibility to be kind to themselves, other people and the world we live in.