Helen Webster


Age 35, Lives in Bristol

Skin type: Dry and sensitive

Role in life: Writer and editor, mum to Baby Daniel. 

A little bit about you:

I’m a thirty something living in Bristol with my husband Steven, baby son Daniel and tuxedo cat Olivia. My favourite things include reading, coffee, gardening, craft and travel. I also love eating out, so it’s probably a good thing I live in the city I do as I’ve yet to run out of new places to sample. To keep fit you’ll find me hanging from a trapeze, doing yoga, on my bike or digging my allotment.

I’m lucky enough to use my passion for the written word in my everyday job as a writer and editor. I work for some fantastic craft magazines, as well as creating content for creative businesses in the wedding industry. This is on hold for a bit though as I’m currently looking after Daniel and thoroughly enjoying this new chapter.

Ever since reading Just Seventeen, Bliss and other magazines as a teenager, I’ve loved learning about beauty products and the possibilities they hold! The difference now is that I want to buy excellent quality and environmentally sound products, which is also a philosophy I’m applying to other areas of my life — trying to be more of a conscious consumer and really considering every purchase.

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Your skin and body issues:

Occasional dry patches of skin; occasional eczema; developing more wrinkles around eyes as I get older!

How has your Rare Beauty journey been so far?

I’ve loved seeing how many small businesses there are who are creating products that look and feel every bit as good as those on the high street shelves — and in many cases a lot better! It’s also been an eye opener to see that environmentally sound and cruelty free products with quality ingredients don’t immediately equate to more expensive, too — the price range of the ones I’ve been testing has been a very pleasant surprise. I’m loving getting to try so many fantastic products that I otherwise wouldn’t know about, and have been telling friends and family that they’re in for a treat  when they read my reviews!

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What does being a woman mean for you in 2018 (the Centenary Year)?

Acknowledging the wonderful liberties and possibilities I have as a British woman in 2018 which have come as a result of the hard work and campaigning done by women in the past, while also acknowledging that there is still a long way to go to achieve equality, both in this country and the rest of the world.