Karen Cooch


Age 29, Lives in Liverpool

Skin type: Dry and Sensitive

Role in life: Beauty Therapist, Wife, Step Mum to two Sons and Mum to new baby Eva.

A little bit about you:

I’m a 29 year old Beauty Therapist originally from London, now living on Merseyside. I have over 8 years’ experience within the beauty industry including managing a spa within a large hotel chain for 2 years but I wanted to start delivering a service that came from the heart and thus, my own business ‘Bare Beauty’ was born.
Away from work, I am a passionate vegan and have been for nearly three years. This includes using only cruelty free, natural, vegan products both at home and at work.
In my spare time I like to meditate, practice yoga and go on long hikes with my husband and I also enjoy baking yummy vegan treats such as brownies, cookies, cakes and doughnuts with my two stepsons.


Your skin and body issues:

Hormonal breakouts; Rosacea; Redness; Stress induced acne; Dryness; Cellulite




How has your Rare Beauty journey been so far?

My Rare Beauty journey so far has been everything I hoped it would be and more. When I first came across them, I loved what they stood for and the messages they were trying to bring to people. Since then, having been selected to be a Rare Beauty Resident I’m absolutely over the moon to be a part of this wonderful process.
I’ve been really surprised at the amount of products I have received in such a short space of time and I’ve really enjoyed reviewing them all. I have learnt that there are a whole range of cruelty free and vegan products out there that I wasn’t aware of before and this has really broadened my horizons and has given me more clarity about the best products to be using for myself, friends, family and for my business. It’s been a real uplifting experience being able to tell all my friends and family about all the gorgeous products I have tried so far and helping them to make more educated and ethical decisions when buying beauty products.


What does being a woman mean for you in 2018 (the Centenary Year)?

The Centenary year since women were afforded the right to vote is obviously a special landmark for all women but for me personally, the Centenary year also marks the beginning of another special stage in my journey as a woman; my first pregnancy. Being a woman is perfectly encapsulated within this wonderfully unique experience and I’m both excited and humbled by the position I find myself in. Carrying and nurturing a new life, bringing that life into a new existence on earth and helping it to grow is why being a woman is so special to me in 2018.