Sharmila Bousa


Age 40, Lives in Bristol

Skin type: Oily and Normal

Role in life: Mother, business owner, wellbeing and eco lifestyle consultant.

A little bit about you:

An eclectic polymath, that’s me. From art to politics and live music to competitive swimming my passions and interests range far and wide. I am as at home sleeping rough in a jungle in a hammock as strutting my stuff through Manhattan in high heels. I love a challenge and I relish change and adventure.

I have always been engaged in environmental campaigning and over the last few years my focus has been ethical and sustainable fashion and beauty. Massage is my calling and my passion. I run my own holistic therapies practice specialising in chronic stress and pregnancy, post natal and menopausal work. I am also a Green Life-Stylist helping people to clean and green their wardrobe, homes and lives.

I am mother to two daughters who are 4 and 6. I am married to my best friend. Family come first and I have created a professional life which works around the people I love.

As an extrovert I love being around people, helping them to forge relationships that will support them professionally and personally.


Your skin and body issues:

Hormonal breakouts around the jawline. Scarring across face from acne as a teenager and adult. Most scarring across cheeks and forehead. Some areas of hyper pigmentation on face and body.

Dry patches around knees and elbows. Stretch marks across bust, belly and hips and thighs, pale silver rather than red.

What are you hoping to get from your natural beauty journey as a new Resident?

I want to be able to support independent ethical brands to reach a wider audience and to see natural beauty become the norm. I would love to see the movement for organic and safe products made sustainably with love grow and grow and to be part of this would be a wonderful thing.

It will be exciting to try new products and find things that work for my particular skin issues. Then for my experiences and reviews to help others find products that can work for them too.

Beauty can be a really daunting maze for people to negotiate and being able to help guide and support people on this journey will be one of the most valuable things that come out of this I think.

Sharmila Bousa Rare Beauty Resident
Sharmila Bousa and Family

What does being a woman mean for you in 2018 (the Centenary Year)?

As a feminist who wears comfy pants and is partial to a killer heel, I am almost always waging an internal battle between social acceptance and what I really want to do and feel.

For me being a woman in 2018 means recognising how privileged I am and how I can use my privilege to be a voice and support for others. I am able to embrace the complex and multifaceted woman that I am in a way my mother and Granny couldn’t. To speak freely and openly and to be listened to.

There is so much still to do for true equality and as a woman I still feel the need to go that extra mile to prove myself. I want to see women building up and supporting other women and this is what I show my children.

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