A little bit about you:

I love to write, I enjoy meeting new like-minded people and spreading the word about veganism and ethical choices in a non-aggressive way. I really love to cook and feed people, especially for those dear to me. I’m also a huge mental health advocate and try to help people not to keep fighting like I do.

I use natural vegan skincare products only and love trying new and exciting products. Smell for me is a huge part of the skincare experience as well as how good it is and how it makes my skin feel. My skin gets very dry if I don’t exfoliate & moisturise regularly. Both are a must for me!

It’s my goal to establish long-term relationships with brands and I love collaborating with anyone who cares about ethical choices and products.


Your skin and body issues:

Hormonal breakouts, some eczema.

It also get redness, occasional spots, dryness, stretch marks.

Oily and flaky scalp.

How has your Rare Beauty journey been so far?

Nothing has surprised me, it’s all been great and as I expected. 

I know everyone will love Rare Beauty like I do!



What does being a woman mean for you in 2018 (the Centenary Year)?

Wow, that’s a great question. Women are tremendously courageous and powerful in 2018. If you arent in awe of all women do and are capable of you’re a fool ha!

Women are strong and can achieve anything. We don’t let anyone stand in our way or tell us we arent good enough anymore. Sexism and all that backwards behaviour is futile. We just keep going from strength to strength.

I feel incredibly proud and hopeful for greatness in my own and every womans future. the women of the past who I admire so much like great authors Virginia Woolf & Mary Shelley inspire me and give me fire every day.