Vivienne Berryman


Age 47, Lives in London

Skin type: Fair skinned, mature, very few wrinkles.

Role in life: Sporty socialite with a conscience & amazing Can Do attitude

Vivienne Berryman Rare Beauty Resident

A little bit about you:

Age is a number that I ignore. I wholeheartedly embrace getting older and can’t wait to be eccentric. My motto: enjoy the journey, take a risk or two and leaping into the unknown awakens the senses. Why be a stale Rich Tea biscuit when you could be a tin of Celebrations!  

My mid-life crisis struck when I reached 40, I started doing Triathlons which has lead to my love of long distance swimming and very recently, a healthier attitude to running. I was never sporty in my younger years but am loving my mindset when it comes to the challenges I set myself. Olympic distance Triathlon? Done – twice!! Marathon Swim totalling 14 kms? Bring it! Half Marathon… just completed & totally enjoyed it. I enjoy the mental effort needed as well as the physical. What is inspiring for me is that my friends say how much inspiration I have given them in trying out new things. Win- Win!!

Have I changed my eating and drinking habits since taking up sport? Ha!! Nope! I love my food and a Champagne cocktail. A balanced diet to me is a doughnut for breakfast but dinner will be a salmon fillet, rice & plenty of vegetables. With a glass of red wine on the side. Natch.

I love fashion and working out my own style – a friend referred to my ‘look’ as ‘Sicilian widow who loves neon colours’ !! I read non-fiction, I flick through magazines, I do the social media…  

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Your skin and body issues:

Dry skin patches on legs when winter hits. Very fine hair that can frizz if left messy when wet.



How has your Rare Beauty journey been so far?

I’ve been surprised by the feel of the products.

I thought I wouldn’t notice the difference between high-end high street purchases and the products I am trying out… but there IS a difference. A good one. I feel wholesome!

VBLLH Medal in my hands
VBRare Beauty Swimming Pool

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