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We help you to discover the Best British Natural & Organic Skincare created by Women who care. Find your perfect product with our honest Skincare Reviews. Get the latest natural skincare tips and insights on our Rare Beauty Edit.

Our Women-Led Beauty Brands Meet Strict Ethical Standards:-

  • Highest quality natural ingredients in every product
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Made in the UK in small batches (often handmade)
  • Sustainable business values
  • Planet-friendly materials (over 85% of skincare products are in glass containers)

Many Vegan, 100% Natural, Plastic-Free and Certified Organic Skincare Products are available. Eco-Shipping and Packaging is standard. We offer Free Delivery & Skincare samples on all orders over £15.00.

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Corinne’s Story - Founder of Rare Beauty

“Seven years ago I was given a book about natural skincare. The author described the processes and ingredients used to make mainstream beauty products. I was horrified. I felt I’d been duped by the so called ‘beauty’ industry. From that moment on I vowed never to put another product on my skin without knowing what was in it.

My interest in natural & organic skincare turned into a fun hobby, I created products for myself, friends and family. We were all converted to the benefits of going natural.

I then had a bit of a lightbulb moment and started to research British skincare businesses with a passion for high quality natural ingredients and innovative new products.

I was inspired by the women founders of these brands. Their passion, knowledge, values and vision for their businesses was phenomenal. I wanted to bring these women and their gorgeous natural skincare products the recognition they deserved.

But I needed help to do this! So I gathered a group of women to come on a natural beauty journey and test each product so that I had honest, authentic opinions that I could trust. These Resident Skincare Reviews have now become a central feature of the online store.

I really hope you enjoy your shopping experience as much as I have had launching Rare Beauty. I have basically created an online shop that myself and my loved ones want to buy from!

A luxurious ethical beauty shop with a big .

And remember, every time you buy one of our natural skincare products, an actual person does a little happy dance ☺

Happy ethical beauty shopping! xxx “

Corinne Discovers the Best New British Brands for Rare Beauty