Rare Beauty Launches UK’s First Biodegradable Skincare Range

Happi Body Co Launches on Rare Beauty SulapacWelcome to the Future of Plastic-Free Skincare.

Happi Body Co uses the world’s first mass producible 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging. The Cleansing & Hydrating Melt Skincare range officially launches on Rare Beauty this week.

Founded by Lisa Kenton, an organic skincare formulator based in the Lake District, Happi Body Co seeks to be a change maker in the beauty industry.

The Women-Led Sustainable Beauty Story

Founder of Happi Body Co

Lisa, Founder of Happi Body Co: “The natural beauty industry is full of existing brands talking about the benefits of natural and plant-based skincare but at the same time using plastic and toxic containers. To me that makes no sense and it quite clearly favours profit over planet”

Cleansing & Hydrating Melt Gift Set by Happi Body Co

Corinne, Founder of Rare Beauty: “Sustainable packaging sits at the heart of our ethos as a business – over 85% of our products are in plastic-free packaging (such as glass). Happi Body Co represents a step-change in the way we will create, buy and use beauty products in the future. If we want to save our Ecosystem and Planet we MUST find new ways of manufacturing beauty & other personal care products.”

Plastic Free Beauty is a Global Movement

2019 is set to see a huge movement towards zero waste, plastic free packaging by ethically conscious consumers. 

Lisa: “Harnessing the power and reach of social media, I came across a fascinating and award-winning start up in Finland, Sulapac.  The all-female founders had just won awards for their world first mass producible premium biodegradable containers. Sulapac® is a new biodegradable and microplastic-free material made entirely from renewable sources and FSC-certified wood.”

Sulapac Composting Biodegradable Packaging
What Sulapac looks like after 21 days in an industrial composter. It will continue to degrade leaving no trace or harm to the environment.

In a plastic ridden world of packaging, the use of sustainable packaging by Happi Body Co is helping to address the problem of plastic pollution that blights the current beauty industry. You can support this by choosing to buy plastic-free, zero waste or minimal plastic skincare wherever possible.

Shop the Zero Waste Happi Body Range on Rare Beauty today – Get 10% off in Launch Week (ends Midnight 17.2.19) 

Happi Body Co Cleansing & Hydrating Melt
“The melt packs a punch and dissolves away all my makeup whilst managing to be gentle, silky smooth and nourishing. My skin feels thoroughly clean, nurtured and balanced and not a sign of any breakouts that I may have expected from a product like this. The sustainability side of this product has totally blown my mind – I’m left wondering why all packaging hasn’t moved to be 100% biodegradable!” Chantal, Rare Beauty Resident Skincare Reviewer

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