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Joanna’s passion is pure and simple skincare. The Founder of Mallow+White shares her skincare story and top tips for reading skincare labels.




simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
I love this quote. Simplicity speaks to me. I find it touchingly beautiful.

Ten years ago

I was searching for the ultimate solution for my sensitive skin. My cupboards were overflowing with moisturisers, cleansers, shampoos etc. All with long unintelligible ingredients labels.

Pure + simple saved my skin

Then one day I had a Eureka moment. I made a block of olive oil soap. It contained 4 purely natural ingredients. My super sensitive skin responded by calming and feeling softer. Just like that I became a convert to simplicity in skincare. It works!

Sensitive skin on the rise

The numbers of women who consider their skin to be sensitive is up from 44% in 2015 to 48% in 2017*. The reasons for this includes our daily exposure to chemicals, stress and pollution.

I truly believe that a small skincare ingredients list is the answer for anybody who is concerned about sensitive skin. Why? Because less ingredients = less likelihood to cause concern for sensitive skin.

3 Top Tips for Reading Skincare Labels

So what do you need to know about your ingredients lists so you can choose with confidence?soothe balm photo

  1. Ingredients lists on skincare have to be presented in order of highest to lowest weights. So, if the first ingredient is, say, Butyrospermum Parkii, which is shea butter, then you know that is the main ingredient.
  2. If you are looking to avoid being “greenwashed” by some high street brands, look for a high concentration of the key natural ingredients they refer to at the top half of the ingredients list.
  3. Right down at the bottom, you’ll often find the potent essential oils. Followed by a confusing list of names such as linalool, limonene or citral. These aren’t extra ingredients added to the product – they are natural constituents of essential oils, and it is a legal requirement of the EU to declare them.

*NDP Group Women’s Facial Skincare Consumer Report 2017

Mallow + White strongly believes in transparency, which is why all our ingredients are clearly labelled in English.  And because all our products are handmade with 6 purely natural ingredients or less, that is a very short list to wade through!

Still confused? Feel free to ask us.


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