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An intensive radiance boosting treatment to restore vital moisture levels, soften, brighten, plump the skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines with French Pink Clay, Moroccan Rose petals, crushed pure Seawater Pearls, Gotu Kola and Acai Berries. Pearls extract helps to diminish skin inflammation, accelerate skin healing, promote elasticity, growth of new skin cells, protect the skin against age spots and sun spots. It adds vitality, radiance and a youthful glow to the complexion.

What can this clay mask do for your skin? Deep cleanses by drawing impurity from the skin, Purifies, Shrinks skin pores, Tightens and tones skin, Mildly exfoliates, Calms redness, Soothes and promotes healing, Smoothes and softens the complexion, Hydrates and moisturises, Reduces the appearance of clogged pores with regular use, Increases circulation and blood flow reducing facial puffiness, Promotes a brighter, more radiant and youthful complexion.

Resident Review

Vivienne's review - Moroccan Rose Clay Mask **Resident Recommended**

“I love the idea of face masks yet rarely use them. I think,’ooh, too much effort, haven’t got enough time, will I notice the difference’ etc etc. I was interested in using this mask as it was Moroccan Rose.

The smell is dusky and earthy. Think about a sunny day and how the parched ground smells so wonderful after a heavy rainfall. My thoughts on opening the jar: “Oh! It’s clay, as in, dry dust clay that you have to mix with a bit of water to make a paste. Hmm..not sure I can be bothered, what a faff” But, I had all the time in the world today, so there were no time restraint excuses. I made the paste and smeared it on my face. The colour resembled a very bad fake tan!!

It looks quite funny.  I removed it with a soft flannel after a few minutes.

My face has been soft soft soft all day, I didn’t need moisturiser. Amazing!! There is actually very little faff in mixing a bit of the clay with some water in a glass.. easy!

The results are great, so I will use it again!”

Meet Vivienne

Age 47, Lives in London

Headline: Sporty socialite who is embracing her age and channelling a can-do attitude to life.
Skin type: Mature and hardly any wrinkles (we are not jealous, honest!)
Skin and body issues: Dry skin patches on legs. Very fine hair that can frizz.


French pink clay, Pearl extract, Rose petals, Gotu Kola*, Acai berries*, Frankincense. Organically produced*.  Made with 6% organic ingredients

How to Use

For best results Apply the mask once a week immediately after cleansing. Mix 2 tsp of clay mask to 1 tsp of spring or filtered water, never use tap water. Mix them together until you achieve a yogurt like consistency. Apply the mask. Once it begins to dry around the edges of the face but is still damp on cheeks and forehead this is the perfect moment to remove the mask with a muslin cloth and warm water. If you leave a clay mask to dry completely on your skin the moisture will be drawn back from the surface of the skin causing dehydration.

PLEASE NOTE: Never use a metal bowl/utensils to mix clays. The metal destroys the effectiveness by removing the charged nature of the clay.


For cleansing: To enhance facial cleansing add 1/4 tsp of clay mask to 1 tsp of cleansing grains or to 1/2 tsp of cream cleanser or lotion.

For a luxurious mud mask: Add 1 tsp of clay mask to 1 tsp of liquid pure honey, 1/2 tsp of water and 2 dps of frankincense essential oil.

Meet the Brand

Alexa Sky Botanicals is proud to bring wellness and beauty through their age defying skincare products that are natural and highly effective with organic plant and flower oils, aromatic waters, herbs, clays and active botanical extracts with pure therapeutical qualities.

Their bio-active superfood skincare products are handmade in Surrey, by Alexandra and her daughter with passion, love and attention to detail. All products have been developed for those with skin sensitivities in mind such as: psoriasis and eczema. The gentleness and efficacy of their ingredients provide amazing results and cumulative health benefits for people with all skin types. 


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