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This lightweight, balancing and uplifting facial oil rejuvenates skin while locking its moisture, softens, nourishes and restore it’s natural glow. This facial oil is charged with Malachite for grounding, strengthening and emotional healing. Also known to protect against electromagnetic pollutants and radiation.

8 Reasons to use this Face Oil: Boosts a high content of vitamins, mineral, antioxidants and omega fatty acids essential to repair and rejuvenate the skin. Enhances skin hydration. Boosts skin elasticity. Provides a high level of nourishment for the skin. Encourages a glowing complexion. Helps to smooth out lines as it tightens the skin from within. Helps to support the skin’s natural antioxidant system to prevent premature skin ageing from the sun, pollution and blue light. It’s a must if you spend hours in front of a computer screen.

Resident Review

Vivienne's review - Phyto Power Complex Face Oil **Resident Recommended**

“Wow! This smells so good. Not sure whether to add a few drops to make a Gin cocktail or be safe and keep it on my face! Alexa Sky Botanicals recommend using this every night, right after cleansing and toning.

But as cleansing and toning are not really part of my routine, I use this after my morning shower. I rub a few drops between my hands and then wipe them over my face. Upward strokes, over they eyelids, across the forehead, down around my jawline and onto my neck. Across the cheeks too and I inhale deeply. The smell is so calming. I do this process just two or three times and that’s enough.

This face oil doesn’t act like oil. My skin doesn’t look shiny after I have used it, it looks hydrated and healthy instead. The ingredients sound so healthy too; Watermelon, Cranberry and Spinach oil, plus Calendula oil. Wonderful.”

Meet Vivienne

Age 47, Lives in London

Headline: Sporty socialite who is embracing her age and channelling a can-do attitude to life.
Skin type: Mature and hardly any wrinkles (we are not jealous, honest!)
Skin and body issues: Dry skin patches on legs. Very fine hair that can frizz.


Watermelon seed oil, Rosehip fruit oil, Cranberry seed oil, Tomato seed oil, Spinach seed oil, Marigold flower oil*, Pumpkin seed oil*, Sea buckthorn fruit extract*, Sweet orange oil*, Frankincense oil*, Bergamot oil*, Benzoin resin extract; Organically produced * Vegan Made with 12% organic ingredients

How to Use

As a rejuvenating treatment: Every night, right after cleansing and toning. Gently massage a few drops of the oil onto the face and neck with your fingertips until it is absorbed.

As a home spa facial: Apply it to your skin just after removing your face mask to hydrate your skin.

As a nourishing skin-treat: Give yourself a luxurious 10-minute facial massage.

Meet the Brand

Alexa Sky Botanicals is proud to bring wellness and beauty through their age defying skincare products that are natural and highly effective with organic plant and flower oils, aromatic waters, herbs, clays and active botanical extracts with pure therapeutical qualities.

Their bio-active superfood skincare products are handmade in Surrey, by Alexandra and her daughter with passion, love and attention to detail. All products have been developed for those with skin sensitivities in mind such as: psoriasis and eczema. The gentleness and efficacy of their ingredients provide amazing results and cumulative health benefits for people with all skin types. 


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