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The One Balm Original English Lavender

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“This decadent balm is a real treat…and leaves you feeling like you have ‘new skin’. A real pick me up to use a couple of times a week in the evening or for a lengthier cleansing routine. I love applying a little of this product to my lips to re-nourish too.”


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This 100% natural, handmade beauty balm contains a nourishing blend of kiwi, hemp and rosehip seed oils which are blended with shea butter, honey and french pink clay for a truly luxurious skincare experience.

The multipurpose balm is designed to deeply cleanse, nourish and repair skin. It works for all skin types as it soothes sensitive skin, rejuvenates dull and mature skin whilst balancing oily skin.

This multi-tasker extraordinaire works wonders to:

  • Cleanse skin,
  • Remove oil, dirt and makeup,
  • Gently exfoliate,
  • Moisturise lips, knees and softens elbows & heels,
  • Tame unruly brows,
  • Soothe dry skin patches,
  • Nourish cuticles,
  • Calm itchy skin,
  • Act as an in-flight hydrator
  • Revive seasonal skin.

This balm is charged with Rose Quartz which is believed to stabilize blood circulation, improve blood flow and calm red complexions. Boosts self-esteem and self-worth.

Key Ingredients: 

Shea butter is made up of some amazing skincare antioxidants; it’s full of Vitamin A and Vitamin E, both of which help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It’s non comedogenic and skin hydrating.

Kiwi seed oil has a high content of essential fatty acids such as linolenic acid and alpha linolenic acid. It has moisturizing and nourishing properties that helps to treat dry, aging and damaged skin. The antioxidant found in this oil eliminates free radicals which are the cause for cell damage and degeneration. It also helps to remove dirt, grease and grime and feeds skin cells.

Hemp oil is an excellent oil cleanser. It has a light consistency that helps remove excess oil from the surface of your skin. It clears clogged pores that contribute to breakouts. It’s an effective relief for skin irritation and rashes. As it reaches into the deep layers, it helps reset the collagen productivity, thus keeping skin soft, supple, and wrinkle-free. It also locks the moisture in and prevents skin from drying up.

Honey is a naturally antibacterial ingredient, helps to clear up blemishes and give a glowing complexion. It is extremely moisturising; giving essential hydration. It has purifying abilities make it great at providing even complexion, without clogging pores or causing irritation.


Resident Review

Amy's review - The One Balm Original English Lavender **Resident Recommended**

“This decadent balm is a real treat, combining buttery notes of shea butter and honey with natural oils. The lavender is elevating, whilst relaxing you in your evening skin care routine.

The lightly exfoliating balm leaves you feeling like you have ‘new skin’. A real pick me up to use a couple of times a week in the evening or for a lengthier cleansing routine. Use warm water and gently remove the product with a muslin cloth for great results.

I love applying a little of this product to my lips to re-nourish too.”

Age 21, Lives in Worcester

Headline: Stylist blogger who enjoys shopping to discover independent brands, eating naturally and using kind to the skin and planet products.
Skin type: Combination, slightly sensitive
Skin and body issues: Redness, breakouts, sometimes dryness.

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Shea butter*, Jojoba seed oil*, Kiwi seed oil*, Hemp seed oil*, Rosehip fruit oil, Beeswax*, Honey, Castor seed oil*, Calendula oil*, Carrot tissue oil, Lavender oil*, Kaolin clay, French pink clay, Geranium oil*, Bergamot oil*; Organically produced* Made with 66% organic ingredients

How to Use

Take a small amount of balm (with clean, dry hands) and spread it onto the tip of your fingers. Massage on your face, in small circular movements. Then with the muslin cloth dampened with hot water, wipe away from the center of the face outward. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Meet the Brand

Alexa Sky Botanicals is proud to bring wellness and beauty through their age defying skincare products that are natural and highly effective with organic plant and flower oils, aromatic waters, herbs, clays and active botanical extracts with pure therapeutical qualities.

Their bio-active superfood skincare products are handmade in Surrey, by Alexandra and her daughter with passion, love and attention to detail. All products have been developed for those with skin sensitivities in mind such as: psoriasis and eczema. The gentleness and efficacy of their ingredients provide amazing results and cumulative health benefits for people with all skin types. 

1 review for The One Balm Original English Lavender

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    beautyfolio (verified owner)

    As a cleansing balm, The One Balm certainly does exactly what it is designed to do, as my skin felt clean, fresh and incredibly soft after removing all traces of make-up and SPF from my face. As a moisturising balm, it left my skin feeling nourished without leaving any greasy residue. My elbows, heels, cuticles and chapped lips have felt the moisturising benefits the most, as they are now look and feel incredibly hydrated, and are smoother and not dry at all. I have even tried it on my eczema and have to say that my skin was calmer after application and stopped itching almost instantly.

    If you’re looking a multi-purpose product then I highly recommend that you make your next purchase The One Balm from Alexa Sky Botanicals. It is among one of the best I’ve ever used and I wouldn’t be without it in my skincare routine.

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