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Welcome to the future of plastic free cleansing. The Activated Charcoal Cleansing Facial Melt refines, smooths and purifies skin whilst being kind to the planet. Offers superior daily cleansing for oily or combination skin types.

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Welcome to the future of plastic free cleansing! The Activated Charcoal Cleanser by Happi Body Co is beautifully presented in a planet-friendly biodegradable pot. Enjoy a daily cleansing and make up removal ritual that is kind to skin and kind to our planet.

Oily and combination skin types benefit from deep daily cleansing. The activated charcoal cleanser draws oil away from pores to re-balance and purify. Skin is transformed and glowing in a matter of days. The melt can be used by normal skin types as a weekly cleansing treatment or a facial mask during periods of unbalanced skin such as hormonal breakouts.

Turn daily cleansing into an eco beauty ritual with this cleansing powerhouse of 14 plant oils, butters and natural active ingredients. The 100% natural cleanser and make up remover is fragranced by sweet orange plus soothing lavender essential oils to uplift your senses.

The activated charcoal cleanser is a waterless product which transforms to a gentle milk on contact with water. The unique deep cleansing formula removes all traces of the day, including pollution build up and makeup. Skin is left feeling beautifully purified, nourished and cared for. The plastic free cleanser can be rinsed off with just water or removed with a damp facial cloth.

Key Ingredients for Happy Skin:

Activated Charcoal cleanser – Offers relief to congested or unhappy skin. Natural activated charcoal draws oil, dirt and toxins from clogged pores. It is anti-bacterial, deeply pore cleansing, exfoliating and oil balancing. The result? Skin is smooth, purified and refined after just the first use.
Bisabolol – A constituent of chamomile essential oil. It soothes and calms unhappy skin.
Safflower Oil – A natural source of vitamin E and linoleic acid, necessary for maintaining healthy skin barrier function.
Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil – A powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and nutrients help keep the skin protected and nourished.
Cupuacu Butter – This creamy plant butter moisturises and softens skin.
Mango Butter – The mango seed butter melts into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave an oily residue. Known to reduce the appearance of fine lines on mature skin.
Sweet Orange Essential Oil – In feng shui philosophy, the scent of oranges brings happy and life affirming energy. In the world of aromatherapy, it encourages feelings of joy.
Lavender Essential Oil – Used for its uplifting aroma, it also has antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties.
Cacao Seed Butter – Softens skin and is readily absorbed.

Ethical Credentials:
  • Zero Waste & Biodegradable (see the packaging tab for detailed information on the Sulapac container)
  • 100% Natural & Organic Ingredients
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Created by a British business with 3 core values of ‘clean ingredients, clean packaging & clean motives’
  • This product contains ethically sourced beeswax (not vegan)

Product Feel: The soft waterless balm melts into the skin and rinses off to a milk on contact with water leaving a very light veil of moisture on the skin.

Plastic-Free Packaging: The 100% biodegradable container is made from wood sourced only from sustainable Nordic forests. Sourced from Sulapac, eco award winning packaging specialists.


Safflower Oil, Cupuacu Butter, Castor Oil, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Cetearyl Alcohol, Beeswax, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Polyglyceryl-4 Oleate (emulsifier), Polyglyceryl-4 Laurate (emulsifier), Lavender Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Activated Charcoal, Bisabolol.

Allergens: Citral, Geranio, Limonene, Linalool (all compounds of natural essential oils).

Those hard-to-pronounce ingredients explained:

Polyglyceryl4oleate – One of the three naturally derived emulsifiers in the cleansing melt. It helps to remove the melt from skin without leaving a heavy residue behind. It is made from sunflower oil and is both skin friendly and PEG free.

Polyglyceryl-4 Laurate – 100% RSPO certified segregated sustainable palm kernel oil.  Another emulsifier to help the cleansing melt leave a silky soft feel on the skin.

Cetearyl alcohol – A naturally derived emulsifier which is a flaky white, waxy, solid material. It is oil soluble, but it is not water-soluble. A mixture of fatty alcohols, it enables the natural plant oils to break down easily when applied to the skin, allowing the active ingredients to be of utmost benefit.

How to Use

For the perfect ethical cleansing ritual:

Using clean, dry fingers (or a small spoon) take a minimum 5p size scoop into your dry palm. Massage in circular motions onto your dry face including the eye area if make up removal is needed.

Relax for 2 minutes, enjoying the uplifting aroma. Remove in sweeping motions with warm water or a clean facial cloth soaked in warm water.

Honest Skincare Review

This product has been trialled by a real women who has oily skin and is in her 30’s. This is her honest review:

“I was so excited to try this cleanser and it didn’t disappoint. A tiny amount melts substantially – enough to cleanse my whole face and shifts most of my makeup in one go.

This cleanser is a powerhouse in a tiny pot; it’s effective and moisturising, leaving my skin feeling soft and nourished. The sweet orange and lavender oils give a light, fresh fragrance and makes it such a pleasure to use. Thanks to its perfectly balanced oils, I’ve been able to use it for my morning routine where I’d usually opt for a light cream cleanser.

The most exciting thing about Happi Body’s products is their brilliantly innovative packaging. The pot feels almost ceramic, but it’s made from wood sourced from sustainable forests. It’s completely biodegradable, so when the cleanser’s finished, you could chuck it in the bin guilt-free or stick it in your garden composter. It’s such a cute, tactile little pot however, you could easily repurpose it at home for storage.

This is a great product. It’s multi-tasking, blissful to use and with game changing packaging feels like the future of sustainable skincare.”

About the Zero Waste Pot by Sulapac

Sulapac® is a biodegradable and microplastic-free material made entirely from renewable sources and FSC-certified wood.

Sulapac Composting Biodegradable Packaging
What Sulapac looks like after 21 days in an industrial composter. It will continue to degrade leaving no trace or harm to the environment.

What to do when it is finished?

This depends on your world view. The container is so beautiful in it’s own right, it could be kept to store precious items like special jewellery.

You could also drop it in your compost bin or depending upon your local recycling facilities, you could send it to landfill where it will happily degrade and not pollute the environment.  If you have local industrial composting facilities, it will be pretty much gone in a few months!

For more information about Sulapac please visit their website.

Meet the Brand

Founded by Lisa, Happi Body Co are the only brand in the UK to use the world’s first premium mass producible biodegradable containers. Lisa is proud to create luxurious natural skincare that doesn’t cost the earth, she is driven by the desire to disrupt the status quo and bring something innovative to the natural beauty market.

Happi Body Co is founded on 3 core values: clean ingredients, clean packaging, clean motives. Their plant based skincare is lovingly mixed in small batches to ensure ultimate freshness and to tread lightly and respectfully with the planet’s natural resources.  


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