Terre Verdi logo

‘Embrace the Planet, Embrace Yourself’
Founded by Alessandra de Gregorio 
Handmade in London, Inspired by Sicily 


Alessandra's story

“I grew up in Sicily and developed a close affinity with nature. I was taught to love and respect everything nature offers.

After living a fast-paced life in New York and London, I decided to slow down and relish the joy of bringing up my four children and caring for my family. In the process of doing so, I rediscovered my love of all things natural, and redoubled my homegrown respect for nature and the environment. For my beauty needs,  I turned to my native Sicily for inspiration. Using the essential oils from my childhood home I set about creating beautiful skincare in order to fight the effects of stress, ageing and yes, even motherhood! 

I saw the results of natural skincare for myself – such as the ArganShea Multitasking Cream which helped my skin retain its elasticity and firmness even while pregnant with twins. Encouraged by feedback from friends and family, I transformed my beauty products into an award winning skincare range.

The Terre Verdi logo represents the de Gregorio family crest and embodies my commitment to bring to you my closely cherished family values of love and respect for nature, integrity and a desire to share the best that her region can offer with the rest of the world.”

Terre Verdi Inspired by Sicily Skincare Range

Our mission as a beauty brand

Terre Verdi is committed to bringing you ethically-sourced products, lovingly crafted from organic ingredients. We use organic ingredients because we believe that nature should be respected and not tampered with. We want to make products that heal your skin and soothe your soul. We hope you will enjoy using them as much as we enjoy sharing them with you.

We are proud to be be one of the first skincare brands in the UK  to become certified organic (by COSMOS and the Soil Association, the UK Certifier). We are also the very first UK brand to create a water-based moisturiser which is certified organic, the award winning NeroliPom.

All our products are Vegan and we are Leaping Bunny certified. We take pride in being cruelty free and not using any animal derived ingredients.

We are also pioneers in the use of a special biophotonic glass packaging for organic certified products in the UK. The glass is designed to protect the products from the complete spectrum of visible light exposure, with the exception of violet and infra red light, and ensures that they stay fresher and more potent for longer.

We were co-winners of the new business Blue Patch award in 2016, in recognition of our high sustainability and ethical standards. Blue Patch is a sustainable marketplace that promotes green, eco, ethical, and organic companies making products in UK.