Three Easy Plastic Free Natural Beauty Swaps

We’ve put together THREE QUICK & EASY PLASTIC FREE BEAUTY SWAPS you can make in your daily skincare routine.

Over 80% of you said you wanted to go plastic-free with your skincare this year and we hope these quick swaps will get you started.



The all-too convenient face wipes are still staggeringly popular ($21bn of wet wipe sales predicted in 2021) and yet they are really damaging to the environment, not to mention causing 93% of blocked sewage pipe issues.

Natural woven materials like cotton and bamboo make perfect facial wipes which can be washed again & again, often getting softer over time. Here’s a couple of tips to start you off:

Helen, Rare Beauty Resident:

“The cloth from Myroo’s Gentle Cleanser & Cloth range encouraged me to ditch single use cotton pads in favour of cloth. I’m also using my old bamboo breastpads as reusable make up removal pads!”


Organic Cotton Face Cloth Bundle by Rare Beauty (£12.00)


Corinne, Founder of Rare Beauty: “I’ve slowly built up a collection of face cloths. It includes reusable cotton make-up rounds, a couple of muslin cloths, a cotton flannel, one of Rare Beauty’s Organic Double Sided Face Cloths, an old hanky and a couple of baby muslins from when I had little babies! There’s always a cloth of some description freshly washed ready for my evening cleansing routine.” 

So it’s time to raid those cupboards and see what you can unearth to use as a reusable face cloth – just remember to wash them properly first!!


Soap is making a massive comeback, with sales on the rise (Waitrose reported a huge 7.1% rise in soap sales last year) as so many ethical consumers make the plastic free switch to soap.

There has never been a better time to try natural soap. You’ll find so many gorgeous brands to choose from that contain skin-loving ingredients like coconut, olive oil, kaolin clay, charcoal and moisture-rich natural glycerine.

Our Resident Vivienne switched to soap last year after taking the Soap Challenge for Rare Beauty:

Lemon & Bergamot Soap by Soap Folk

“I had my reservations about switching to a soap product, as I too have experienced the dryness you get after using one.

So I decided to do a test: I washed my face with the Soap Folk Juniper Berry soap (£5.95) and didn’t moisturise my skin afterwards. I wanted to see how long it would take for my face to feel tight, or parched. Well, it didn’t feel either of those things, or even tight. Then I tried it on my legs, which are prone to dryness and got the same result. Wow!

I tested for well over a week and the results are the same – I am hooked! What more can I say – try them! I know I will be buying their Rose Geranium and Lemon and Bergamot next!”


Now this one might feel a bit trickier. We all have favourite High Street beauty products in plastic packaging we do not want to ‘give up’ for fear of it upsetting our skin. However, what we DO know is that once you have made the switch to plastic free natural skincare, there really is no going back (as our Residents can testify!) because your skin will look and feel AMAZING. We promise!

A selection of Rare Beauty brands in plastic-free glass containers

The good news is that natural beauty brands are leading the way in plastic-free and eco-friendly packaging for skincare products. Many use glass, bamboo and other planet-friendly materials as alternatives to the dreaded plastic squeezy tube. Here’s a few plastic-free skincare recommendations from our Residents to get you started:

Skin Food by Happi Body Co, 100% biodegradable packaging by Sulapac

Chantal recommends the Cleansing & Hydrating Melt for Balanced Skin by Happi Body Co (£19.00):

“The sustainability side of the product has totally blown my mind -the packaging is completely compostable. 

My skin feels thoroughly clean, nurtured and balanced and not a sign of any breakouts that I may have expected from a product like this. The melt packs a punch and dissolves away all my makeup whilst managing to be gentle, silky smooth and nourishing. 

The scent is perfect for an evening cleansing routine as the sweet orange blossom and lavender offer a touch of relaxation too. I’m left wondering why all packaging hasn’t moved to be 100% biodegradable!”

The Future of Plastic-Free Skincare with Sulapac

Helen recommends the Freyaluna Regain your Balance Harmonising Facial Moisturiser (50ml, £27.00 RRP £45.00):

‘This moisturiser kept my face smooth and sleek. It sank in quickly without leaving a greasy residue (something I loathe in moisturisers), and not a lot was needed to give a good blast of hydration. 

If you like the delicious smell of essential oils you get when you walk into a health food shop (know what I mean?) then you’ll love this product, as the jojoba, ylang-ylang and lavender give it a wonderfully natural scent, as well as being perfect for dry and sensitive skin.


Sharmila recommends the multi-purpose Nuit Evening Blend Body Oil by Buff Natural Bodycare (£18.50):

BUFF Nuit and Body Post Workout Body Oils
BUFF BODY Post Workout & NUIT Evening Body Oil Blends

“This little bottle contains magic. The oil is light and non greasy and absorbs really quickly into my skin leaving it nourished and soft.

The packaging is tip top, all recyclable and reusable and it looks really slick. I also love that 2% of Buff’s profits go to the Marine Conservation Society.

The fragrance of the combined essential oils is just divine, nourishing and warming. It is a great oil for baths and massages. I have used it on both male and female massage clients. They all agreed that it was one of the most relaxing scents I have used with them.”


We hope that this has helped you to get started on your plastic free skincare journey. Let us know how you get on!

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