Top 5 Natural Beauty Trends 2019

We’ve uncovered the Top 5 Natural Beauty Trends for 2019 by consulting YOU our customers to tell us what they are! Find out the FIVE HOTTEST BEAUTY TRENDS this year and why so many NATURAL SKINCARE BRANDS are leading the way in 2019:




The horrific reality of our world’s plastic waste problem was brought to the fore last year – by programmes such as David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II and scary statistics like: 8 million pieces of plastic pollution finding their way into our oceans EVERY DAY.

The good news is that 8 in 10 of us want to reduce our skincare plastic waste and more than 50% of Rare Beauty customers said that finding plastic free products was their ‘biggest natural beauty challenge’ of the moment. New innovative, biodegradable packaging will become available. Natural beauty brands are also creating clever zero-waste products to respond to this huge demand. Watch this space!

What to Expect – Plastic Free Beauty:

      • Some of your favourite natural beauty brands will switch their packaging to be totally plastic-free or minimal plastic in 2019.
      • Innovative new materials such as sugar cane ‘plastic’, bamboo and Sulapac (pictured)- biodegradable packaging created from wood pulp – to become more mainstream in natural beauty.
      • More opportunities and guidance for customers on the Three R’s – ‘Refill, Recycle and Repurpose’. Natural beauty brands will offer refillable options and/or choices for customers on whether they want the plastic element to their skincare product or not (such as the plastic dropper or pump).
      • Transparency in packaging information. Your favourite natural beauty stores should start to offer clear guidance to customers on what packaging is being used and WHY. Stores will offer searchable or filtering options for ‘Plastic-Free’ or ‘Minimal Plastic’ products to help customers make ethical choices.



The Korean Beauty Trend of a lengthy 10-Step Skincare process is OUT. Who has time for that anyway?!  Minimal yet effective beauty regimes are very much IN. Time saving skincare products will become even more popular as we seek out multi-purpose items to de-clutter the bathroom cabinet whilst streamlining our skincare regime.

The good news is that natural skincare brands are perfectly placed to create effective plant based solutions and capsule ranges which address multiple skin needs. We will see some really exciting new brand launches in 2019 which embrace this ethos. Stay tuned!

What to Expect in 2019 – Multi Purpose Skincare:

      • Exciting new multi-purpose, capsule skincare ranges to be launched in 2019 by some clever new natural beauty brands (led by women, of course!)
      • A spotlight on ‘hero’ natural ingredients such as Snow Mushroom (pictures) and Kakadu Plum and how they can be multi-purposed for effective skincare.
      • A focus on ‘Waterless skincare’ products which contain higher concentrations of effective ingredients – perfect for plant-based natural skincare as they do not need as much added preservative as water-based products require. They are also much kinder to the environment, using no precious water in their production.



TRUST is such a key issue for consumers of ethical beauty products. And 1 in 3 of us lack confidence on how to read ingredients labels which compounds the issue. How can we be confident in what we are buying if we cannot read the label?

However, genuine natural skincare brands making small-batch products are able to trace their entire supply chain, plus ensure that their ingredients are the highest possible quality and then put transparency at the heart of what they do. 69% of us understand this and really want to discover more independent natural skincare businesses in the coming year to shop from.

Look out for our range of Guides to Natural Skincare this year which will include essential information on how to read a skincare label and key ingredients to look out for.  A must read!

What to Expect in 2019 – Ingredient Transparency

      • More natural beauty brands launching new skincare ranges with minimal ingredients and clear transparent information on why those ingredients have been chosen.
      • Top Online Beauty Stores placing a real focus on ingredients and providing guidance to their customers on what those ingredients do, including those very hard to pronounce ones!
      • Mobile Apps becoming mainstream which can be used to scan beauty products and get instant information on their contents such as Think Dirty.
      • The rise of the ‘Skintellectual’ – must-follow influencers and Facebook community members who are knowledgeable about ingredients and what to look for in beauty products.
      • A lack of consumer patience for ‘greenwashing’ and a boycotting of mainstream brands who use ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ in their product marketing but are found out to be falsely advertising.



It makes sense really – what we put IN our bodies is as important as what we put ON them. With Veganuary 2019 being a record year of over 100,000 sign ups and over 80% of our customers telling us they embrace a healthy, active lifestyle we expect to see a real convergence of health, beauty and wellness this year.

What to Expect in 2019 – Wellness, Health & Beauty

      • ‘Beauty Edibles’ will become more popular and tandem products which work both topically and internally. These may be more popular with mainstream beauty brands but do expect to see more collaborations between wellness businesses and natural skincare brands for example.
      • New beauty rituals will be created and products launched which have a relaxing ritual associated with them. Natural beauty brands tend love to embrace a holistic approach to plant based skincare. Many brands have traditional roots in herbal medicine, crystal healing or Ayurveda for example which they will draw on to create new, exciting products.
      • Coping with stressful & busy lives will encourage natural beauty experts in Aromatherapy to create multi-sensory products which nourish both body & soul.
      • Combined health, wellness & beauty events or workshops will become popular, the new Wild & Well Festival in Bristol is a great example of this.



Contouring and heavy matt make- up is on it’s way OUT. Luminous, glowing skin with a ‘pop’ of colour is most definitely IN. Natural make-up is a perfect place to start in achieving this Instagram-friendly ‘look’ as it contains many natural ingredients which are designing to moisturise and look after your skin.

What to Expect in 2019 – Get the Natural Glow

      • Beauty products designed to ‘get that glow’ including facial oils and tinted moisturisers will become much more popular.
      • Eco-glitter and bold metallics will be all over Instagram!
      • Natural make up brands will boom this year as we seek to get that ‘natural glow’ with plant-based cosmetics rather than mainstream alternatives.

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We created this article with inspiration from our lovely Customers (who took our recent customer satisfaction survey), Harpers Bazaar, Mintel’s Global Beauty Trend and the Rare Beauty Natural Skincare Survey.

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