Vegan Gift Guide: Natural & Organic Skincare


Our very own Vegan Resident Reviewers have selected their Top Four Vegan Natural & Organic Skincare Gifts starting from just £5.95.

Featuring Tried & Tested 100% Natural Plant-Based Skincare by Vegan Certified and Cruelty-Free British Beauty Brands.



In case you hadn’t heard, Soap is BACK. As more people ditch the bathroom plastic they turn once again to the zero-waste soap bar. However, not all soap is the same quality, as our Resident Reviewers can testify when they took the Soap Challenge for us earlier this year.

Soap Folk are our flagship Certified Organic Soap Brand. Using traditional cold-pressing and curing methods their plastic-free, vegan (apart from the Milk & Honey version) palm-oil free and heavenly scented natural soaps are our absolute bestsellers.

Siobhan, aged 27, is a food obsessed Vegan Babe and Resident Skincare Reviewer for Rare Beauty. She explains why the Lemon & Bergamot Soap is her Top Vegan Skincare pick this Christmas:

Siobhan Vegan Babe Life Rare Beauty Resident Skincare Reviewer“These soaps are perfect Christmas stocking fillers.

Not only do the soaps from Soap Folk look absolutely beautiful with their detailed floral print packaging but they smell incredible and are so gentle on your skin.

Skin feels soft, clean and moisturised. The Lemon & Bergamot is my personal favourite. It makes you feel clean and refreshed, ready to take on the day.”

Lemon & Bergamot Soap by Soap Folk £5.95


The oil cleansing method has been much praised for it’s amazing effectiveness for all skin types. Those who do take the plunge find their skin is transformed and are converts for life – sound familiar?!

Myroo, a Vegan Society and Leaping Bunny Certified Beauty Brand have created a fabulous oil cleansing starter kit which contains the gentlest of oil cleansers (there’s a fragrance free version for very sensitive skin types) plus a luxury organic face cloth for removal. Myroo’s guidance on how to use this 100% natural oil blend skincare wonder couldn’t be simpler: Massage 3-4 pumps all over the face and neck. Dampen the cloth with warm water and gently wipe the cleanser off. Splash the face with cold water and pat dry.’

Karen, aged 28, our Resident Reviewer Beauty Therapist, new Mum to a baby girl and ‘passionate vegan’ chose the Gentle Cleanser & Cloth as her Top Pick for our Vegan Gift Guide:

Karen Beauty Therapist Resident Reviewer Rare Beauty “I’ve always been a fan of oil based cleansers and this one didn’t disappoint. It melted away my makeup and stubborn mascara effortlessly and left my skin feeling nourished and silky without feeling greasy.

I was particularly impressed with the organic muslin cloth that came with the cleanser; it honestly is the best one I have ever used! It’s a double sided cloth, one side being super soft and padded feeling luxurious on the skin and the other side feeling slightly abrasive enabling you to exfoliate whilst you cleanse. This cleanser also has a wonderfully earthy aroma to it. It’ll be on my Christmas list this year!”

Myroo Gentle Cleanser & Cloth Fragrance Free Vegan Gift Guide Rare Beauty
Myroo Gentle Cleanser & Cloth Fragrance Free £27.00
Myroo Gentle Cleanser & Cloth Vegan Gift Guide Rare Beauty
Myroo Gentle Cleanser & Cloth £27.00








Every Vegan Beauty Queen deserves a bit of indulgence. A rich, skin softening and moisturising body balm is a Winter skin essential – perfect for raw hands, tired legs, chapped lips and weary feet.

Vegan Society Certified Beauty Brand Silvan Skincare have created the most beautiful balm range. Not only do they look gorgeous but the packaging is totally plastic-free and the balms themselves are 100% plant based, full of nourishing skin loving goodness.

Lizzie, aged 38, is a Disco-Diva and fairly recent convert to veganism which extends to her choice of Vegan & Cruelty-Free bodycare products. Our Resident Reviewer chose this Bliss Balm as her Top Vegan Gift Pick this Christmas:

Lizzie Bonito Resident Reviewer Rare Beauty“A lovely product and surprisingly versatile. I had a massage booked – the verdict was positive – my Therapist loved the balm’s consistency and it’s natural ingredients.

I’ve since used it to moisturise my shins which are getting more reptilian as winter advances, it works nicely as a lip balm and in my vain attempt to pretend I live in a holistic therapy retreat and not a flat next to Heathrow airport, I’ve been massaging a small amount into my hands in the evening before bed and breathing in the beautiful fragrance.

The Bliss Balm would make a thoughtful stocking filler or a treat for anyone who likes a bit of spoiling self-care. I love products that make me feel like I’m in a treatment room and the Bliss Balm does exactly that.”

Bliss Balm Silvan Skincare Vegan Massage & Body Balm Rare Beauty
Silvan Skincare Bliss Balm £14.50


If your Vegan Beauty Queen loves unique not-on-the-high-street gifts then treat her to a Limited Edition Gift Set this Christmas.

With the help of our Bestselling Brands, Rare Beauty has put together a range of vegan-friendly Christmas Gift Sets which are designed to delight the senses and your budgets (get up to 30% off the RRP value!)

There are several to choose from but we have picked ‘The Clarify Collection’ to feature as our final pick because it includes THE cult beauty buy of the moment: the Australian Kakadu Plum Gummy Facial Cleanser by Oilixia PLUS a wildcrafted, planted-based Nettle & Lavender Nourishing Shampoo by Freyaluna AND a Lavender & Oatmilk Soap from Soap Folk.

The Clarify Collection Ltd Edition Gift Set Rare Beauty
The Clarify Collection Ltd Edition Christmas Gift Set featuring Oilixia, Soap Folk and Freyaluna. £28.50

Newbie Vegan Lizzie reviewed (or shall we say raved about) the Oilixia Gummy Cleanser for us recently:

“I LOVE this stuff. It’s an effective cleanser…it makes my skin look revitalised, soothes redness and evens out my skin tone…Not content with all this, and I don’t know how it does it, but it also seems to help control my oily skin. Basically, the Oilixia Gummy Cleanser is witchcraft and I will consider worshipping it under the next full moon.” 


None of these quite suit your Vegan Beauty Queen? Then check out these highly recommended vegan skincare treats or visit our Vegan Beauty Queen Gift Shop to browse our gift collections.

Soothe Collection by Mallow + White (£24.00) – A Pampering Facial Gift Set, Perfect for a Relaxing Night In. 100% Natural, Handmade with 6 Ingredients or Less.

Soothe Collection Mallow + White
Soothe Collection by Mallow & White £24.00

FranChouliPom Facial Serum by Terre Verdi (£38.00) – This Serum has a Unisex Sicilian Swagger and is Packed full of Powerful Pomegranate to combat the Effects of Stress & Ageing. Certified Organic, 100% Natural.

FranChouliPom Facial Serum by Terre Verdi £38.00

Natural Toner with Orange Blossom, Geranium and Rosewater by Bloom Remedies (£12.00) – This Beautiful Handmade Toner contains no Alcohol and is a Real Treat for all Skin Types.  100% Natural, Handmade in Cornwall.

Natural Toner with Orange Blossom, Geranium and Rose Water Bloom Remedies
Natural Toner with Orange Blossom, Geranium and Rose Water Bloom Remedies £12.00

Got any more Vegan Gifts fit for a Beauty Queen to suggest? Please do share below!

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